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10 tips to lose weight quickly without dieting – Times of India

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Every overweight person wants to lose that extra baggage, but that involves a lot of commitment and discipline. Not all of us can sweat it out 2 hours in a gym, eat zero-oil and zero-sugar diet to lose weight. When it comes to dieting, it is difficult to stay motivated and hence most of us give up mid-way. For most of us dieting is a temporary phase and we expect immediate results from it. But just the way a strict diet helps you lose weight, in the same way, that lost weight pounces back on you once you start eating normally. Hence it is important to follow food rules that would help you get rid of flab slowly but permanently. According to celebrity nutritionist Sandhya Gugnani, “It is always advisable to go for gradual weight loss by following a balanced diet to prevent any nutritional deficiencies. One should avoid following fad diets.” Not all things work on everyone, so here are some tested and tried methods that have helped people to shed weight quickly.

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